The Geospatial Data Revolution and the Autonomous Vehicle

 Presented by: Paul Braun

We are more acutely aware of “where” than ever before. That awareness is spurned by the revolution in geospatial data creation and the applications that use it. Spatial data informs all aspects of our lives from how we live, work, and play. One area where geospatial data impacts us all is mobility including map directions, traffic monitoring, proximity alerts, etc. The advent of the autonomous vehicle is and will have a huge impact on mobility yet that technology requires a clear sense of “where” to safely and efficiently transport us.

Paul will explore various aspects of the geospatial data explosion and its impact on the future success of the autonomous vehicle market. Paul will address key geospatial data issues and how they must be addressed for autonomous vehicles to deliver on the hype.

Given the horizontal nature of spatial data and the use of “where” in decision making, lessons learned from this space are applicable to many other technologies and markets.