Telehealth genomics: bringing an emerging technology to the masses

Presented by: Elisa Poquette

In recent years, the scope and complexity of the genomics field has expanded dramatically. There are currently over 54,000 genetic tests on the market and the rise of direct to consumer has only driven demand for clinical applications of genetic testing. But how do patients and providers make sense of all of this genetic information?

With only 4,000 licensed genetic counselors in the United States, telehealth has become a vital tool for increasing access to genetic counseling, testing in rural and underserved communities. Chatbots enable us to better triage efficiently while ensuring that the highest risk patients get the personalized attention they need. Interactive educational tools can help us to better explain complicated results to patients so they can make informed decisions about their health.

In the genomics space, disruptive innovation is occurring not necessarily because of increasing sophisticated genetic testing, but by successfully targeting overlooked market segments, and delivering a high-quality customer experience at a low-cost.