Privacy Policy

We take privacy serious. Below you can learn more about how we handle your data and what it is used for. 

What data do we collect?

  • We will collect contact information when you fill out a contact form
  • If you make a purchase on the site, we will collect billing information to process payment
  • We will collect navigation analytics via cookies to better understand user's interactions with the site

What do we do with this data?

We use your data to process payment, create a personalized experience on the website or at the conference, and communicate with you about the conference. 

Who will you share the information with?

We will need to share information with 3rd parties in order to complete orders, send you information about the conference, or in conjunction with services needed to operate the conference. 

Will sponsors get access to my information?

We may send information about our sponsors to you, but this will come from Emerging Events and will require you to opt-in with the sponsors for them to get your contact information. 

How long will we keep the data?

Your contact information will be retained until you opt out of receiving communications. Note that you can't opt-out until after the conference otherwise you won't get the information needed to attend. 
Payment information (ex: Credit Card Number) is processed immediately and not retained by Emerging Events. 

Questions about the Privacy Policy?

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, please don't hesitate to contact us: