Increasing Blockchain Adoption

Presented by: Lorraine Frias

Pick your favorite stat regarding the adoption rate of blockchain. From Gartner’s Hype Cycle to, the jury is still out on whether or not to move forward with this nascent technology. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the business side of blockchain and how understanding business needs is crucial to increasing adoption of blockchain in your organization.

A blockchain use case without a business case is useless. As long as your focus is exclusively on the technology and the technology features, you will face an uphill battle in trying to win support to deploy blockchain within your business. Knowing where to focus to get the attention of your business partners is critical to success.

Moreover, your business case needs to encompass benefits to multiple organizations in your business ecosystem. Blockchain is most useful when loosely coupled organizations want to confidently share and audit information and automate mutually beneficial processes. To truly reap the benefits of blockchain, you will need to work with multiple organizations and that means building a business case that demonstrates the mutual benefits, and how without working together, benefits won’t be realized. This presentation will reveal a strawman model for getting started.