Dr. AI Will See You Now

A discussion with Senthil Kumaran

In this session we will see how Artificial Intelligence is changing the medical diagnostic industry. Few telemedicine platforms are using a virtual triaging engine for checking symptoms, then using AI to diagnose and create treatment options for providers. This session will explore how virtuwell, a leading telemedicine platform from St. Paul, is deploying predictive analytics to reduce bottlenecks and improve patient flow and patient specific needs. We will see what kind of tools, algorithm and external data that we explored to solve provider scheduling needs. Routing the patient encounter to the right provider and funneling the relevant information for creating the treatment plan helps in improving provider efficacy. Total healthcare costs are reduced by pushing more pertinent patient and provider data to electronic medical records and this helps in spending more patient provider interaction. We will see how we minimized patient round trips by predicting who is going to come for follow up and asking right kind of questions to improve treatment effectiveness. We will share what key lessons that we learnt on choosing algorithms, models and features as well as tools including AutoML.