Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers closed on March 15, 2019 at 11:59pm.  

A good session will focus on emerging technologies with emphasis on real world use cases. The speaker is encouraged to reference products they develop/use or other products in the market, but should refrain from the presentation only being a sales pitch.  Below are proposed topics for the conference.  It is ok if your session fits in multiple topics.  

Session length: 50 min (including Q&A)

Topics Examples

Blockchain solutions for supply chain, regulations, compliance, financial, legal, etc.

Not allowed:

  • Session promoting an ICO
  • Speculative investing in cryptocurrency
 Security Ransomware detection/prevention, cryptography, data loss prevention, identity, IoT, etc.
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Neural networks, autonomous automotive, image recognition, big data processing, etc.
Gene therapy, targeted medicine, electronic health records, digital health, dna sequencing, etc.
Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality VR/AR impacts on consumer, VR/AR use cases outside of gaming, VR/AR trends
Advanced Computing Quantum computers, Brain to Computer Interface, etc
IOT Enterprise or consumer IOT


If your sessions is accepted, you'll receive a complimentary pass to the conference and an invite to an appreciation dinner for speakers and sponsors. No speaker fees or travel/lodging expenses will be paid.