5G, IoT and blockchain come together to keep food safe

Discussion with Eric Weaver

Americans are blessed with an abundant supply of healthy food and a commercial ecosystem that works relatively well. Yet despite this, every year, 128,000 Americans get sick from foodborne illness. 3,000 die. It’s a data problem: the industry is rife with a myriad of exceedingly complex, disconnected systems that aren’t very useful when an expensive food recall occurs. Such recalls have been increasing since 2013, yet tracing the source of the food safety issue often takes weeks or months.

Fortunately a variety of emerging technologies are solving this problem. IoT-based environmental sensors are being deployed in the field, soon to be talking to 5G networks. Blockchain ecosystems are ensuring that all supply chain partners can see food provenance data in real time…for the first time. And artificial intelligence is being applied to that data to allow all parties in the food industry to do predictive resource planning. The result: all parties knowing where food came from, how it got to you, and what happened to it along the way.

Transparent Path CEO Eric Weaver will show how these technologies come together to creating transparency and traceability, letting consumers make more informed choices about what they buy and feed their families.