Vic Miller - VP of Technology at SeekOps

Vic Miller, is currently the VP of Technology at SeekOps, Inc., in Austin, Texas, where he is responsible for hardware engineering and new product development. SeekOps develops laser-based trace gas sensors and deploys them on small unmanned aerial vehicles (i.e., drones) to localize and quantify natural gas leaks.


Before SeekOps, Vic worked in variety of contexts, including hypersonics (@Stanford), medical devices (@Stanford), consumer electronics (@Apple), and electric vehicles (@Tesla). He is broadly interested in identifying and realizing opportunities to leverage laboratory research in the form of real-world applications, commercialization opportunities, and communication tools. In this vein, Vic co-founded and built, an online tool for applied spectroscopy that has served up over 400,000 simulations to researchers and scientists in just three years. Vic has also been featured twice by the New York Times' ScienceTake and once by for scientific visualizations of fluid flows.

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