Roy Raymann - VP Sleep Science & Scientific Affairs at Sleep Score Labs

Passionate Scientific Sleep Professional that blends behavioral & neuro-science with hard- & software- engineering to create sleep experience products.

Sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, but most of the days, it is just an afterthought. Schedule your precious sleep!

Preparing for the next day actually starts the evening before. Trying to bring the best sleep to people in the world, day by day, is what inspires me.. Let your body and brain get the sleep it is craving for.

Expert on Sleep Research, Ambulatory Monitoring / Wearables, Psychophysiology, (Task) Performance Measures, Thermoregulation, Circadian Physiology and Sleep Enhancement.

Other area of interest include alternative, less-obtrusive measurements of sleep; closed loop (physiology-behavior) approaches for (sleep) disorder treatment; non pharmacological approaches to promote sleep and promote vigilance (like light exposure, mild warming etc); and subclassification of sleep disorders. Proper ambulatory measurement and interpretation of psychological, subjective, physiological and biomechanics data in an ambulatory context.

Sleep Research (both EEG, PSG, PXG and Actigraphy)
Ambulatory Monitoring (Physiology (ANS, CNS) and Task behavior)
Psychophysiology (experimental laboratory setting and ambulatory field work, both dry and wet physiology: Linking Psychological and Cognitive processes (like Attention, Emotion, Memory) to Bodily processes
Performance Measures (both (computerized) task performance and physical performance)
Thermoregulation (in normal environments)
Circadian Physiology (both applied and fundamental)
Bridging Neuroscience and Engineering. Linking Physiology and Behavior. Translation from basic science to application.

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