Paul Braun - VP of Sales and Marketing at Continental Mapping Consultants

For almost 30 years Paul Braun has been active in the GIS, mapping and surveying industry. His interests have always focused on applying geospatial technology to better understand complex natural and man- made systems. He has applied various geospatial technologies in numerous markets around the world.

Mr. Braun currently serves as Vice President of Business Development for Continental Mapping Consultants, Inc. He has decades of global experience in direct and channel sales management, research & development, and software development. His education includes a BS in Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and an MS in Renewable Natural Resource Studies from the University of Arizona. Mr. Braun is an active industry participant serving organizations such as AUVSI, SAME, TRB, and ASPRS. He is also an entrepreneur and in 2012 he launched Taking Autism To The Sky ( as a 501c3 that uses drone technology to help autistic children and young adults develop social and employment skills.


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