Elisa Poquette - Director of Product Development at GeneMatters

Since leaving the Peace Corps, I’ve has worked in the technology industry and held a variety of roles in user experience design, product management, project management and customer support. Regardless of title, my primary goal has always been to humanize technology and make tools that work for people.

While at Invenshure, I’ve has helped commercialize software platforms for Flywheel, Oneome and now GeneMatters. I loves working in the startup world because it forces you to move forward with imperfect information and make tough decisions. When there are a lot of unknowns, creating value requires the flexibility to rigorously validate your assumptions and shift priorities.

I believe building great digital experiences is a deeply collaborative enterprise. I strive to create a culture of openness and respect on my teams in order to encourage fair debate, and balance diverse technical, business and user needs.

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