Corey Ganser - Founder of Collective Fruitions

Corey Ganser is the Founder of Collective Fruitions, a tech firm consulting specializing in custom app development and agile management, where he helps

clients create cutting-edge technology using his expertise in program management, product ownership, and product management. During his 13 years in the tech industry, Ganser has led tech development for wide range of industries and companies, from startups to industry leaders. Previously, Ganser served as Senior Engineering Program Manager at Forcepoint, where he managed various programs including its Innovation Labs. As Engineering Program Manager at Apple, he oversaw R&D for software development focused on leading projects through proof-of-concept stages. He also has experience in customer support management during his time at MindTouch, giving him unique insights into shaping the full customer lifecycle when developing new projects.

Ganser is a firm believer in making technology more human, and as such, he prioritizes connection and communication when leading teams. He is known for his ability to take on high-paced projects with tight turnarounds, and his keen interest in emerging technologies. In addition to overseeing Collective Fruitions, Ganser founded the Emerging Technologies Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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