April Bliz - Founder of Trailblazing VR

April is the founder of Trailblazing VR, a company pursuing pioneering opportunities in virtual reality, augmented reality and esports. She has quickly established a name for herself in the VR industry and was requested by the Government of Busan, South Korea, to share her knowledge of The U.S., VR market, along with other major corporations including Samsung and HTC. She was one of the keynote speakers for this event and was the only female speaker during the three day conference.

She has also been introduced to the top business minds in esports and is now part of several collaborations that will be known in 2018. 

In December of 2017, her company published their first AR game, entitled ‘WAR of the AI.’ It takes the player to the end of humanity where they are to fight for their survival against artificial intelligence that has now taken over, just as we were warned. 

Before starting her own company, April gained several years of management experience at a top ranked Fortune 500 company. Years of continually proving her innovative thinking and leadership led to several promotions throughout different departments. 

This experience was gained at a signifiant Berkshire Hathaway owned subsidiary. In this prestigious organization, she was appointed to management positions after consistently proving her competency, accuracy and most importantly, character. She worked closely with directors, the State of Florida, staff counsel and supervisors throughout the region as she and her team oversaw the region’s 2,000 employees.

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